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Tata Building India – Essay Contest 2016 – Last Date 31st July 2016

Tata Building India – Essay Contest 2016 : The online edition is open to all school students and the edition 2015-16 started from 5th August 2015 the last date of submission is 31st July 2016, 24:00 Hrs.( Online version permits to participate Only once in a academic year/Term on the randomly selected topics which appear on the screen once the student has registered Himself/Herself . However in case multiple entries being made by a student the latest entry by the participant will only be considered for evaluation. All essays submitted online will be categorized in two levels Junior 6 to 8 th std & Senior 9th to 12 th std and will be evaluated by Judges on the parameters of Relevance to topic, Language, Structure, Creativity, Communication of idea, and the winners will be announced on the Website and Facebook page of Tata Building India . All winners will receive a citation. This is an attempt to reach out to School students were Tata Building India school Essay competition is not held at school level.

Last date of submission is 31st July 2016, 24:00 Hrs

To register yourself visit :

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